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Crypto pawnshop with transparent
& favourable terms

Crypto-Zastavarna.cz pays investors an amount equal up to 70% of the current Bitcoin price at Coinmarketcap. For the pawnshop service you pay from 0.33% interest per day, depending on the chosen tariff.

The percentage of the amount given to you as collateral is negotiated individually with you. If you wish to protect yourself from the volatility of the course, we suggest choosing 50%. This way, you will save your bitcoin in the pawnshop for a buyback at the same price with a correction of at least 65% of the initial transaction rate.

We’ll enter into contract with you based on a specific amount of cryptocurrency, with specific buyback conditions.
With the help of Crypto-Zastavarna.cz, you can deposit your Bitcoin and get instant money that you can put into circulation, for example, into trading, an ICO project, or to invest again in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.
We can pay you in cash directly at our branch office.
The minimum amount for working with a pawnshop is 0.01 BTC.
The maximum is 3 BTC.

Why choose us?

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    Service from just 0.33% of the price per day

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    Redemption of Bitcoin at the same exchange rate as on the day of deposit, and not at the current moment

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    Opportunity to free the money to invest again in new markets and ICO projects

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    100% guaranteed deposit safety on TREZOR cold hardware wallets

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    Instant payment of your loan money to a bank card or bank account

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    A formalised process, with mutual guarantees for both parties

You can also buy cryptocurrency from us at https://krypto-exchange.cz/


How does it work

Leave a request

Leave a request for a loan specifying the desired cryptocurrency for the pledge.

Discuss terms

Discuss the terms and conditions of the loan with the manager in a convenient way.

Get a loan

Get a loan in CZK to your bank card within 1 hour.

Repay debt

Return the loan in a timely manner and get your cryptocurrency back.


Our rates

Up to 15 days

6% for 15 days
from 0.01 to 3

Over 15 days

10% per month
from 0.01 to 3

It is possible to pawn any cryptocurrency after agreement.

Get money for investment
and save Bitcoin!

By depositing your crypto at Crypto-Zastavarna.cz, you get free money that you can put into circulation, and then buy your crypto back at the original exchange rate from the day of the loan!

Questions and answers

What is cryptocurrency? How do I get a wallet?
The cryptocurrency exchange rate is not stable. You can lose everything…
Will inflation somehow affect the lending secured by cryptocurrencies?
Is it necessary to take the entire available loan amount that the calculator shows me?

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